Powerful Electrical CEU Training Programs

Continuing education programs are more than just simple requirements to maintain your license. They're also your opportunity to learn new skills and increase the potential of your career through effective electrical CEU training. Unfortunately, many of the relevant CEU courses you'll find in the educational marketplace will be full of redundant review material and won't contain enough of the new skills and information you need to grow as an electrician. At Kempker's Educational Services, we're focused on making sure that our students complete their electrician certification test having learned skills that will open up new avenues of opportunity for them. Whether by helping a student prepare for his contractor license exam or by teaching him new methods of project management, we're in the business of making today's workforce more capable than ever before. If you want to start using your continued education requirement as something more than an annual obligation, sign up on kempkeredu.com today.

The Contractor License Exam Experts

Not only do our experienced professors and course planners understand the material covered on licensing exams in every state, they also understand how to best teach that material to today's working professionals. We offer several contractor license exam review courses via the Internet, and each one is divided into short, logically arranged modules to make learning easier and faster than ever before. This is a great option for students with busy schedules because the lessons can be accessed around the clock from anywhere with a Web connection. Just like our electrical CEU training programs, these reviews allow you to learn a large amount of material in short, manageable sections.

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2008 National Electrical Code Update

Electrical and Construction Profit Estimating

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