Coming June 1, 2020

Kempker’s Educational Services will be offering New Jersey state approved online distance learning courses for your license renewal requirements.

You can now complete your learning at the convenience of your own home, your office, the library, or just about anywhere that you are able to access the internet.

Kempker’s Educational Services offers online courses 24 hours-a-day. All you need is a login and password and you are ready to meet your states licensing requirements.

We have designed our state approved online courses in short segments to make it easy for you to complete your learning requirements. Our animated courses are fully online which means you can enroll, pay, view the course, take the test, and receive your certificate all in one place, in a friendly environment, and at your own pace.

If you are not able to complete the course in one sitting, as most of us can’t, you can come back anytime and you will be directed to the spot in the last lesson where you have left off.

We have given you the luxury of enjoying your E-Learning experience.

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  • Joe

    This was the best site for meeting my New Jersey continuing education requirements. It was so convenience with being able to complete the 34 hours at my own time and schedule. Thanks for making things so enjoyable and simple..