2020 NEC

2020 (6-Hour) National Electrical Code Update Course

This 6-hour 2020 National Electrical Code update online course is approved by both the Oklahoma State licensing boards. This approved course will meet your electrical contractors and electrical journeymen license renewal requirements for the state of Oklahoma and can be used towards your license renewal requirements for the state of Arkansas.

Oklahoma licensed electrical contractors that are also Arkansas licensed electrical contractors can receive reciprocating credit for this continuing educational course after taking the stand-alone 2-hour National Electrical Code update test that can be accessed on the Arkansas course page. After completing this 2-hour stand-alone NEC update test, you will meet the 8-hour license renewal requirements for the state of Arkansas.

Stay up-to-date with the 2020 National Electrical Code changes that are affecting your industry practices and electrical contracting installations. This approved Oklahoma etraining seminar course is for every individual looking to meet the new code standards established by the National Electrical Code and to meet their license renewal requirements.

This 6-hour National Electrical Code update course is setup in eight individual modules to make your continuing educational credits and license renewal requirements more enjoyable and easier to obtain. Please keep in mind that you can stop an etraining module course and return to the course at any time and you will be directed to the point where you left off continuing to meet your license renewal requirements.

Also, remember that once an etraining module is completed you may access the next etraining module at any time and at your convenience. This means you can complete your license renewal requirements at your pace and at the times that meet your working schedule.

In order to successfully complete this course please have a copy of the 2020 National Electrical Code and/ or the 2020 Analysis of the Code Changes.