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Kempker’s Educational Services
Kempker’s Educational Services
Kempker’s Educational Services
Kempker’s Educational Services
Kempker’s Educational Services



Offering all types of educational courses from kindergarten through twelfth grade.


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Offering courses in business, math, science, engineering, and nursing discplines.




Offering state board approved continuing education and professional development courses for the electrical, building, plumbing, and HVAC license renewal requirements. Corporate training is also available in different subject matters.




Offering tutoring courses in the math and science fields.


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Search for your states approved online continuing educational courses by clicking on the available courses link in the top menu or by using our state course search feature in the right hand column.

We have designed our state approved online courses in short segments to make it easy for you to complete your learning requirements. Our animated courses are fully online which means you can enroll, pay, view the course, take the test, and receive your certificate all in one place, in a friendly environment, and at your own pace.

Studies have shown that individuals are more likely to accomplish a major task in small increments. We at Kempker’s Educational Services have added a feature to our online courses that allows you to start-and-stop any flash presentation at any time making it easier for you to complete your license renewal requirements.

If you are not able to complete the course in one sitting, as most of us can’t, you can come back anytime and you will be directed to the spot in the last lesson where you have left off.

We have given you the luxury of enjoying your E-Learning experience.

Hurry and Sign-Up NOW!!! You are only a few clicks away from starting your E-learning and completing your states licensing course requirements. All you have to do is read the course, take a test, and you get your certificate immediately upon completion.

If you’re most comfortable learning and taking exams in a familiar environment, Kempker’s Educational Services may be the ideal educational resource for you. Our online course catalog and store contain everything you need to earn your CEU certificates from the comfort of home, your office or your local library. You can work on any course 24 hours a day from anywhere with a working Internet connection, and if you need to stop a lesson before you’ve finished, you can resume working from the same spot the next time you log in. Earning your CEU’s or Certification online through is not only convenient, it’s also affordable. Once you compare our course rates to those of your local technical institutes and continuing education centers, we’re confident that you’ll want to give Kempker’s Educational Services a try.

  • Have met their license renewal requirements
  • Enhanced their own personal educational goals
  • Parents have been assisted with our tutoring programs

We apply all the latest security features with our website and courses.

The Best Courses like Elsewhere. Come get trained. Guaranteed Placements.

You’ll get what you came for!
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